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What does ARaction offer?2019-10-25T12:28:06+02:00

1. Services: To make your AR project successful, you can choose from a variety of services.
Do you need support with the design and content creation?
Do you have a specific solution in mind that needs a customized approach and special development?
Are you looking for technology consulting, or do you want to rent hardware for your project?
Whether you would like to have our support in some or all of these areas, including the project management, we will gladly support you!

2. Software: The ARaction App is a sophisticated computer program for creating advanced Augmented Reality presentations. The foundation for all our projects comes with a big variety of features and tools that suit both professional customers and ordinary mortals. If you would like to create your own AR presentation, feel free to reach out to us.

3. Consulting: After years of experience in the field of AR we have acquired expertise we are happy to share with you. Even if you would like to implement a project with a different service provider and just need a second opinion – we will gladly support your AR project as independent consultants.

Who is the team behind ARaction?2019-10-22T12:04:33+02:00

ARaction is crafted by people who look back on more than ten years of experience in exhibition design – we know the typical exhibition workflow, how to guide visitors through real space and how to embed real-world objects into an enthralling scenography. We are media designers, software and web developers and language experts. A legal expert supports us in administrative tasks.

What does the AR in ARaction stand for?2019-10-14T14:50:23+02:00

AR is the acronym for Augmented Reality.

Wikipedia describes AR as “[…] a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics […] or GPS data.”

In simple terms: we project virtual objects into the real world!


What can the ARaction App be used for?2019-10-21T20:05:29+02:00

The ARaction App can be used anywhere to create AR presentations without any physical markers or network infrastructure.

Show your products to customers, explain the use of industry machines to your employees directly at their place of work, or show digital reconstructions in your museum – the ARaction App is the perfect tool whenever you want to add digital content to real-world objects.

To get an overview of possible fields of application, have a look here.

Technology & Features

Is the ARaction App compatible with ARCore, ARKit and Microsoft HoloLens?2019-10-22T17:22:21+02:00

The ARaction App was developed for Google Tango and ARCore. We are currently working on porting it to ARKit and Microsoft HoloLens 2. If you would like to use an Apple device or the HoloLens 2 for your project, get in contact with us. We are happy to adjust the porting priority to meet your needs.

Please also check ARaction’s system requirements.

ARaction App

What is an “authoring tool” for AR?2019-10-15T18:27:17+02:00

An authoring tool helps you to create interactive multimedia experiences with ease. The ARaction App is such a tool, specialized in creating Augmented Reality presentations. It does all the heavy lifting for you, processes all your data and media elements in the background and projects your virtual elements into reality. Meanwhile you can focus on what really matters: the structure and content of your AR presentation.

Why should I use the ARaction App instead of programming my AR experience manually?2019-10-21T19:33:45+02:00

Have you ever cut grass without a lawnmower? Or baked a cake without a mixer? Of course, it is possible to do things manually – but when it comes to stunning augmented reality presentations, the ARaction App will do the job much easier and faster. By using the ARaction App you can cut down up to 95% of the development costs for your AR presentation!

Besides convenience, money and speed, there is one other major advantage that comes with the ARaction App: flexibility! With our authoring software it is much easier to reuse your content in future presentations or display it on different devices.

Who can use the ARaction App? Who are its target groups?2019-10-21T19:39:23+02:00

The ARaction App is made for anyone who wants to create professional Augmented Reality presentations. When developing the app, we primarily had a professional target group in mind: curators, media designers, exhibition designers, architects, communication specialists, lecturers, teachers, and people with a background in IT and technology sectors.

Of course, the ARaction App can also be used by students, NGOs or private individuals who want to impress with advanced AR presentations. Find out more about typical areas of application for the app here.

How does ARaction build interactive presentations?2019-10-21T20:22:40+02:00

We developed our software to enable the following four steps:

  1. Scan the presentation space: The ARaction App will automatically create a 3D model of your environment and remember where your objects, floors, doors, windows etc. are located.
  2. Add virtual markers: Any place that can be seen with a mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or mixed reality headset) serves as an area for placing virtual markers.
  3. Add multimedia content to your markers: You can decide what happens when someone gets close to a marker or touches it – e.g. display videos, audio, text, or even interactive 3D models perfectly matched in real space!
  4. Customize your AR experience: Change the look and behavior of your presentation and add trigger areas/events to make accessing your content even more exciting. For details, have a look at our features here.
What are the system requirements for the ARaction App?2019-10-21T19:13:19+02:00

Smartphones with ARCore

ARaction is available on ARCore devices. Choose one of the following devices:
Google Pixel
Pixel XL
Samsung Galaxy S8
(Many more supported devices coming soon.)

What is the innovative aspect in ARaction?2019-10-15T20:00:47+02:00

ARaction combines technical innovations that have never been combined before:

  1. It is the world’s first professional authoring tool for AR presentations that also offers an easy to use content management system on the basis of WordPress.
  2. It does not need any physical markers, Bluetooth beacons, WiFi infrastructure or QR codes – saving a lot of maintenance work, time and money.
  3. It seamlessly connects a powerful 3D engine (Unity 3D) with state-of-the-art AR technologies (such as ARCore).

To sum it up: We make it incredibly easy and efficient to create advanced AR presentations.

What is ARaction?2019-10-22T12:00:27+02:00

The ARaction App is a unique and advanced authoring tool, a software program developed to make creating AR presentations possible without writing a single line of code.

You probably know and have used Microsoft PowerPoint before to present your ideas to an audience. With the ARaction App you can now decide for an interactive way of showing people your content. Your audience can walk around and – using a special mobile device – explore your content, such as video, audio, text, or even real-scale 3D models, on their own.

ARaction is also a team of people who are passionate about turning your ideas into (augmented) reality. To find out more, have a look at „What does ARaction offer?“.

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