During the last years, we worked hard and created some stunning AR experiences.
We also created our ARaction authoring tool that makes designing these experiences fun and efficient.

We are proud to announce that ARaction is now exclusively available for our B2B project customers!

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What will my ARaction project cost?

Have you ever thought of developing your own AR project and wanted to know how much money you would need to spend? Or do you have a certain budget available and would like to know what type of AR project you could get for your money? To get an idea about AR project costs, have a look at the table below and find a variety of project scopes with their overall costs.

Example 1

10.000 €

A temporary presentation at a trade fair where you show the functionality of a new lawn mower with a simple AR animation.


Example 2

50.000 €

A presentation of 15 minutes to teach factory workers about a new tool or machine. An animated avatar will guide you through the factory.


Example 3

150.000 €

An outdoor AR tour with four animated avatars that guide you through a 40 hectare forest. The tour will be supported by ARaction for two years.


Example 4

from 200.000 €

A five-year comprehensive multiplayer AR game in a 2000 m² museum. Multiple animated avatars will be developed for this project.

*  Including headphones and special custom cases with handles