Our lives are changing. The digital and the analogue world are becoming increasingly inseparable.
Together, we want to shape augmented reality and create new connections – between people and their environments.

Are you interested?

Create impressive interactive presentations in real space – quickly and easily with ARaction!
Your audience can move around freely and access content related to objects on the spot.

Several approaches can get you there:

Let us do the complete design and content creation for you,
benefit from our extensive experience and request our consultation, or
create your first interactive presentation yourself.

Whether you are new to the world of AR or whether you already know exactly what you want:
ARaction is the right partner for you! Together, we can turn your ideas into (augmented) reality.


ARaction’s powerful authoring tool for augmented reality presentations uses smartphones with the latest computer vision technology. Your device can reliably and precisely measure its position and perspective in space. That way reality and its virtual extension seamlessly blend into one another.

ARaction: Give it a go!

You want to create stunning AR presentations in real space?
Have a look at our sample projects to get an idea of what is possible.