ARaction is a flexible tool for a wide variety of applications in three-dimensional space.

Whenever you want to add digital information to real objects,
ARaction is the tool of your choice.

Choose one of the following use cases to find out more about the possibilities for your interactive presentations:

Further Use Cases

Augmented Reality for Architects

Present your designs live at the construction site!

Successful architecture and interior design requires convincing drafts.
ARaction enables you to quickly and efficiently create augmented reality presentations that will fascinate your client:

  • Show interactive sketches directly at the building site.
  • Superimpose your architectural plans accurately on the building shell or its components.
  • Locally insert your renderings into the building shell.
  • ARaction can even independently guide constructors or decision-makers through all areas.

Support those with poor spatial imagination by combining your sketches with ARaction:
You will turn any grey concrete structure into a fully furnished luxury apartment!

Augmented Reality in Public Space

Inspire the crowd!

ARaction opens up entirely new creative possibilities to present content in public space. You can use the augmented reality application to convey your message in political campaigns, demonstrations, happenings, flash-mobs, or to highlight performances or art installations – to name only a few examples.

Imagine a political campaign: Its central aim is to create awareness for a specific topic – and campaigners often try to get the people’s attention by causing irritation. For example, they could stage a bizarre performance in a public place and then explain it via a digital layer.

Another example could be a minimalistic installation: a number of white cubes that suddenly, with the help of ARaction, come alive in three dimensions. In that way, complex content can be conveyed vividly at little material cost and construction expenditure. Also, unlike most physical objects, which usually serve a single purpose, digital content is reusable in a number of different ways and, consequently, much more sustainable!

Whether you are using ARaction as an additional layer of information or as the core element of your event: You will certainly attract the attention of pedestrians, stakeholders, and the media.

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