If you have an ARaction PRO license, you can use our free WordPress plugin to manage your content and synchronize your devices. For this you need a server on which a current version of WordPress is installed. The server has to be maintained and updated regularly. It has to be connected to your devices via Local Area Network or the internet.
Let’s make it easy for you:
ARaction can do all the necessary setup steps for you and deliver a completely up and running system to you. You prefer to have all data in-house? No problem, we can also install a local server at your place.
Please choose your options below.

Prices are one-time fees by default.
Alternatively a monthly subscription plan with a term of 24 months is available.
Premature termination is not possible.
By the end of the subscription period, all hardware will become the property of the customer.
Price is a cost estimation only. Final price depends on your requirements.
Travel expenses for on-site services not included.