Large ARaction projects can get quite complex, e.g. if you want to create multiple presentations with a lot of markers in a large area, and maybe even support multiple languages.
If you want to realize such complex projects with ARaction PRO, we recommend that you book our Project Management Service. We will guide you through all project phases – from draft to final approval. One of the most important steps in this process would be a concept workshop in which we can brainstorm together, discuss all your creative ideas and combine everything into one sophisticated concept.
Our team will organize this workshop, and if you would like to include an experienced moderator to guide us through the creative process, we will arrange that as well.

You can also book this service separately, even before buying an ARaction PRO license.

One-time payment.
Price is a cost estimation only. Final price depends on your requirements.
Travel expenses and costs for the workshop venue are charged separately.